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Agents in Power Boats

Power Boats

Jeremy Talamantes

Yacht Broker, California DBW# B-03497-00002-CM, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc. / Realtor CalDRE# 01784017, Premier Realty Associates
Jeremy Talamantes is a licensed yacht broker, broker of record, and owner of Homes Land An ...
Xavior Canchola Licensed Yacht Salesman

Xavior Canchola

Yacht Salesman, California DBW# S-0001-3854-0001, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
Xavior is a Ventura native of over 14 years. With a love of boating, and a passion for fis ...
Jennifer Henderson, Yacht Salesperson

Jennifer Henderson

Yacht Salesperson, Texas, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
Jennifer’s compassionate nature and drive for helping others led her to a career in ...

Archer Avelin

Yacht Salesman, Rhode Island, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
Archer Avelin strives to provide the highest customer service. He is a student of Jack Mit ...

Mike Steinwand

Yacht Salesman, California DBW# S-0001-3613-0005, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
Boating and working on boats, from sail boats to power boats, have been a big part of Mike ...

Alexis Voulgaris

Yacht Salesman, California DBW# S-0001-3906-0001, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
A Long Beach Native and first-generation Greek who grew up with a boat in the Long Beach M ...

Capt. Mark Lareau

Yacht Salesman, California DBW# S-0001-3441-0003, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
We are proud to have Mark Lareau as a part of the Homes Land And Yachts team. Mark is an e ...
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