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Welcome to the Homes Land And Yachts website. All of the agents we work with are highly qualified in their fields of expertise. All of the agents share the same passion for helping our clients find the right investments, that fit their needs and desires. Investing in the home, land, or yacht of your dreams should be an exciting and enjoyable process. Therefore, we take the time to make sure you understand the process in which we move forward to success. Some markets are slow, and others move very quickly. We make sure to work diligently, always striving for the best outcomes.

One thing we hear a lot from clients when they first contact us, is that they are making offers, but their offers are not accepted, or someone gets there before they do. What we explain is, it’s better to commit to working with one agent, so that agent can get to the listings as soon as they hit the market. Therefore, you are one of the first to make an offer. Think about it, when you jump into the market, you are new, and typically behind all of the other people that have been looking, for weeks, and months. A good agent, will create auto-searches, so that you are one of the first to know when a new listing hits the market!

Feel free to review the information of each licensed yacht salesperson or licensed real estate agent and call them directly.

Homes Land And Yachts is a yacht brokerage, each yacht salesperson works with the Homes Land And Yachts yacht brokerage. Homes Land And Yachts is not a real estate brokerage, each real estate agent works with their own broker, which is listed in their bio.

Jeremy Talamantes

Yacht Broker, California DBW# B-03497-00002-CM, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc. / Realtor CalDRE# 01784017, Premier Realty Associates
Jeremy Talamantes is a licensed yacht broker, broker of record, and owner of Homes Land An ...
Xavior Canchola Licensed Yacht Salesman

Xavior Canchola

Yacht Salesman, California DBW# S-0001-3854-0001, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
Xavior is a Ventura native of over 14 years. With a love of boating, and a passion for fis ...
Jennifer Henderson, Yacht Salesperson

Jennifer Henderson

Yacht Salesperson, Texas, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
Jennifer’s compassionate nature and drive for helping others led her to a career in ...

Archer Avelin

Yacht Salesman, Rhode Island, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
Archer Avelin strives to provide the highest customer service. He is a student of Jack Mit ...

Mike Steinwand

Yacht Salesman, California DBW# S-0001-3613-0005, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
Boating and working on boats, from sail boats to power boats, have been a big part of Mike ...

Alexis Voulgaris

Yacht Salesman, California DBW# S-0001-3906-0001, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
A Long Beach Native and first-generation Greek who grew up with a boat in the Long Beach M ...

Capt. Mark Lareau

Yacht Salesman, California DBW# S-0001-3441-0003, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
We are proud to have Mark Lareau as a part of the Homes Land And Yachts team. Mark is an e ...

Scott Kent

Yacht Salesman, California DBW# S-0001-3612-0004, Homes Land And Yachts, Inc.
Scott built his first boat at the young age of 10 years old, and has been around boats eve ...

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